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If your laptop’s optical drive is no longer functioning or you want to upgrade to a faster or more advanced optical drive, you can replace it easily. First, check your laptop’s user manual for compatible optical drives. Once you’ve identified the right drive, turn off your laptop and disconnect any power sources. Remove the old optical drive, usually by unscrewing it from the laptop. Replace it with the new optical drive and secure it in place. Finally, reassemble your laptop and test the new optical drive to ensure it works properly.

If you need to replace your HP optical drive, first make sure you purchase the correct replacement model. You can find this information on the HP website or by checking your computer's specifications. Once you have the replacement drive, power off your computer and unplug it. Locate the optical drive on your computer and remove any screws or cables attaching it to the system. Carefully remove the old drive and install the new one in its place, securing it with screws or cables as necessary. Finally, plug in and power on your computer to test the new drive.


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Display Broken

Is your laptop got fell down in floor? is that laptop screen broken? don't worry about the laptop screen our hp laptop service center will replace your original hp laptop screen with low cost.

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Chip Level Service

we are the first bga station based chip level service center in hyderabad city. have a more than 10 years of experiences in this chip level service industry.

os installation

OS Installation

Operating system installation is done for your hp laptop. windows 7, 8, 10 and linux operating systems available to install here. our talented executives to install dual and multiple os in single laptop.

laptop general service

Laptop General Service

general service is required for every laptop at least three months once. because your laptop was occupied for daily usage. so every day dust will settle inner spare parts in laptop.

password recovery

Password Recovery

password recovery is art of the laptop service industry. if you loss your laptop password, our service center will recover your password with operating system formatting.

laptop broken panel rework

Laptop Panel Rework

is laptop panel broken? don't worry, our well trained engineer will replace your laptop panel with in a hour. we will did only replace original panels.

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Laptop Keyboard Repair

laptop keyboard issue possible to rectifying problem only. hp service center provide keyboard service for your laptop. we will do change the laptop keyboard.

laptop hinge repair

laptop hinge repair

Hinge problem is mostly view in one year old laptops. hinge got broken, hinges getting noise, hinges gap and other hinge problem will repair in our hp service center.

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We Adoration HP laptop repair service offers to our entire customers with the greatest service experience, while incessantly increasing our customer’s satisfaction and we all are keep developing ours knowledge in this industry .

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We will be the best hp laptop repair Centre in the Hyderabad and in Telangana. We will do this by: Increasing our customers in our laptop service industry, offering better repair service to our entire partners and consumers

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